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Mauboussin is a French jeweler founded in 1827 which took its final name in 1898 with Georges Mauboussin. The Jewelry House manufactures gold jewelry of all types: Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Wedding Rings and now watches. She opened her boutique on the prestigious Place Vendôme in 1955, which made her world famous with extremely wealthy clients such as Prince Jefri of the Sultanate of Brunei.

Alain Némarq, now President of the House, brought a modern and accessible touch to the Mauboussin collections to meet the expectations of new consumers and target a broader audience than High Jewelry. This is when the iconic Mauboussin logo appears, the four-pointed star available in rings, pendants and earrings is an example of a universally understood motif. The rings from the Chance of love collection, in the shape of a clover, or Dream & Love, a triangular ring, translate universal emotions. Their symbolic form is immediately understandable.

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