Caracteristiques du diamant 4C

THE  4Cs

Below are the methods to recognize the main characteristics of a
diamonds and others precious stones:

Carat • Size • Color • Purity

The analysis of its characteristics will make it possible to evaluate the quality and the value of a stone,
but also, to recognize a synthesis, false or treated stone.
However, the complete mastery requires years of practice and the best way remains the laboratory analysis.
Many laboratories are internationally recognized as GIA “Gemological Institute of America”


Precious and fines stones are sold by weight, called the carat (ct), not to be confused with the unit of measurement for the purity of gold “karat”.

1 carat = 0.20 g = 0.035 oz

5 carats = 1 g = 0.007 oz


Whether for diamonds or other stones, color is one of the most important factors to consider.
Because of course, color is one of the first things that catches the eye, and will be representative of the quality and origin of the stone.


Each gemstone is natural and unique, which is why the clarity of a stone has a significant impact on its value.
We speak of clarity to define the internal characteristics of a stone, that is to say its defects.


It is important not to confuse the cut with the shape of the stone and its perimeter. The term “cut” used in jewelry sets the proportions of the facets and the finish of the stone. A well-cut stone will have all its proportional facets to optimize the fire and brilliance of the stone.

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